Amber Heather Erica YokimasAmber's memorial service was held at Westside Bible Church on June 10, 2017. Below, you will find a video of that memorial service and a couple of touching memorials originally shared by Amber's friends on Facebook.

In loving memory of my young friend. Amber was Saila's favourite person to share popcorn with and my favourite person to watch animated movies with and sing along to our favourite CD, Action Bible Songs. The song we had the most fun with was, "I'm Gonna Sing, I'm gonna Shout"...the song says, "When those gates are open wide, I'm gonna sit by Jesus' side." Jesus opened that gate and Amber walked through and will be terribly missed. She had countless friends in the Special Olympics community who will miss a loving, fun, lovable, funny young lady. My heart is broken. - Jean St. Amand

My friend, Amber Yokimas, you spent your last weekend with me and my family. We met at Belmont School in 1998 and grew up together. We had so much fun in Disneyworld and also for the years of homeschooling with our Moms. This weekend, Amber, we enjoyed a BBQ at John & Judy Gray's home and played Bocce ball on Saturday. We went to West Village Church Langford gathering on Sunday, and you helped my sister wash her car that day. It was an active and fun weekend with awesome weather. You went home my friend, never woke up again and went home to be with Jesus. Goodbye Amber, my dearest friend. I will see you in heaven because you and I know JESUS loves us, this we know, for the BIBLE tells us so. You will live in my heart always Amber. Rachel and I and our families will miss you but you gave us joy and laughter. - Karen D'Sa

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